International Sustainable Built Environment Conference - ISBE

International Sustainable Built Environment Conference (ISBE)

Intercontinental Hotel Doha28-30 January 2014 | Doha, Qatar

Just announced! The International Sustainable Built Environment Conference offers Poster Presenters the option to take part in the new (free) app: Poster in my Pocket. Click here to learn more.

Invited Speakers Include:
Francis Allard, La Rochelle University, France
A.S Bahaj, The University of Southampton, UK
David Borchardt, Tower Companies, USA
Abdol R. Chini, University of Florida, USA
Esam Elsarrag, GORD, Qatar
Fredrik Paul Glasser, University of Aberdeen, UK
Shinsuke Kato, University of Tokyo, Japan
John Little, University of Sydney, Australia
Zoubir Lounis, National Research Council of Canada, Canada
Hans Pernau, Fraunhofer, Germany
Torben Sigsgaard, Aarhus University Denmark
Hiroshi Yoshino, Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan

Conference Chair:
Professor Fariborz Haghighat, Concordia Research Chair - Energy & Environment,
Concordia University, Canada

ISBE will address the latest research and developments in sustainable
building design.

Papers will be presented within parallel sessions. There is still time to present a poster at the conference - abstracts are invited on the following topics:

  • Energy efficiency, renewable sources and
    high performance systems
  • Water recycling, management and reuse
  • Architectural practices, innovations and passive designs
  • Materials recycling, reuse and manufacturing for efficient performance
  • Urban planning for human comfort and mitigation strategies for climate change
  • Indoor environment and human health
  • Management and operations in the real-estate industry
  • Infrastructure resilience and structural integrity in construction

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